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1:1 consulting to build a great foundation for You 2.0

When a plan is needed to get you on track quickly, we work together to get it done. I’m not a therapist and I’m not a coach. I work with you and for you to kick start your progress just like a consultant does for a business. You’ll want a therapist to help you process the things that are holding you back, and a coach to encourage you forward. I work with you to gain expertise and confidence in topics to help you thrive in your neurodiversity.

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RSD 1:1 Consultation

Dig deeper into Neurodiversity’s Emotionality and Impulsivity aka Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. Many who experience either side of RSD are unaware it’s a common part of ADHD and Autism. We’ll dissect RSD’s episode path, review FDA-approved meds, along with non-medical options, and create an action plan that includes an RSD self-advocacy package complete with a research packet for your treatment team. This consultation is for education purposes only, and is not medical advice. Please share your RSD action plan with your medical providers, therapist and coach so they can come up to speed on your RSD experiences.

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Self-Advocacy Planning Roadmap

Looking for and scheduling a new health care provider is hard. Even when that’s done, there’s nothing worse than having your mind go blank in their office, or feeling too intimidated to share freely. Be prepared when you meet with your new provider. This planning consultation includes a custom roadmap with tips, talking points and strategies to get the most out of your appointments. You’ll also receive a packet of current medical research to share with your treatment team.

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Envisioning Consultation

Tackle that Big Idea with a Roadmap and Plan. This consultation includes whiteboarding out your big idea and matching it with what would need to be true for it to happen. We’ll itemize and summarize it into a concise Big Idea summary ready for the next steps. 

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The 3 Values Packages

Make Decisions Easier with your own Decision-Making Engine

Defining Your Values & Personal Philosophy Makes Decisions Easier

Are you tired of living by someone else’s rules and values? It’s time to reclaim your own sense of authenticity and purpose. In this values creation journey we’ll dive deep to uncover your unique values and personal philosophy. By knowing what truly matters to you, you’ll gain the power to make decisions that align with your own beliefs and goals. Say goodbye to living on the stressful people-pleasing treadmill and experience what it feels like to stay true to yourself in every area. Let’s get started on this transformative path and discover the incredible person you want to be.


Make it Yours:

Identify Your Values & Personal Philosophy

Discover your authentic values and gain clarity in decision-making. Through guided sessions, you’ll uncover your core values and needs, empowering you to create a personal philosophy that serves as a reliable compass. Let go of people-pleasing and get started on a life rooted in your own beliefs and aspirations. Get used to living life on your own terms, aligned with what truly matters to you.

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Make it Work:

Set up Supporting Systems

Once you’re clear on your core values and beliefs, we’ll dive into supportive systems to bring them into your everyday routine. You’ll discover how much easier it gets as you watch habits naturally align with your values. You’ll have the tools to make consistent choices and take actions aligned with your new values. These systems will help you navigate challenges with clarity, ensuring your everyday moments reflect the empowered authenticity you crave.

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Make it Stick:

Apply them in Your World

The final stage of this process matches your personal philosophy and values with how you communicate. You’ll boost your confidence in expressing yourself, making decisions and choices. Watch as your connections with others become more genuine and purposeful. You’ll be able to navigate the world with a stronger sense of purpose and deeper fulfillment in your day-to-day living.

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