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Cut through the volumes of ADHD info on the internet with the resources I’ve found to be the most helpful on my ADHD journey.

New ADHD diagnosis in your life?
That was me five years ago.

I was lucky to land in an ADHD specialist’s office who worked with Dr. William Dodson years ago. My specialist curated the most relevant content from a vast marketplace filled with reams of information. He spoon-fed the right stuff week after week depending on where I was in learning about ADHD and my specific ADHD. I eventually built my own foundation to source and sort excellent bits out of from the good and bad.

If something isn’t on this list, it doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It might be that it’s new to me, or it might be that it’s good in general, but not specifically for me. I hope you’ll make similar discoveries of your own. Send any great finds that’ve been helpful for you, and include me whenever you have questions along the way.


Directories & Providers

Explore a curated list of directories and trusted providers offering specialized services tailored to support your needs. Connect with professionals and organizations experienced in serving the neurodivergent community, ensuring you have access to the right resources for your journey. From therapists and coaches to support groups and clinics, discover a wide range of reliable options to guide and empower you.

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Books & Podcasts

Gain fresh insights, practical strategies, and personal stories that shed light on neurodiversity, mental health, personal growth, and more. Whether you prefer reading or listening, our diverse range of recommendations will engage and enlighten, allowing you to deepen your understanding and start on a transformative learning experience.

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Support Groups

Find communities dedicated to understanding, connection, and support. These inclusive and welcoming support groups offer a safe space to share experiences, exchange ideas, and build meaningful relationships with others who understand and relate to your journey. Connect with like-minded individuals, gain valuable insights, and find the encouragement and support you need to navigate challenges and celebrate the wins of neurodiversity.

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