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Finding an ADHD specialist can be a daunting task.

Many aren’t taking new clients or their schedules are booked months in advance. Check the ADHD and mental health-focused directories for an easy way to get started.

Specialists trained to diagnose ADHD include: Physicians, Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Neurologists, and Neuropsychologists. Neuropsychs can diagnose but not prescribe.

  • Your family doctor may have a recommendation. Resist settling for a provider who isn’t trained on up-to-date diagnostic criteria and prescribing protocols.
  • Ask friends, family and ADHD support groups for their recommendations.
  • Your insurance company might have a provider directory, as well. 

The directories below are provided for reference only and don’t list all types of ADHD specialists. Let me know if any of the links below are broken or if you find a great directory you think should be included. 

This link is pre-populated with Seattle and Nurse Practitioners who specialize in Adult ADHD. Follow the link to set filters for what you need. One note: this site loads slowly.

This directory has a large number of ADHD specialists and providers including doctors, nurse practitioners, psychologists, coaches, schools, camps, academic support, organizers, and ADHD-friendly products. This link is pre-populated with Physicians who treat ADHD in the Seattle/Washington area.

This directory is massive, covering more than 60 mental health issues. You can filter on insurance, gender, type of therapy, age, ethnicity, race, sexuality, language, and more. It’s a fast site and all providers are screened.

While PsychCentral doesn’t have a directory anymore, this link is pre-populated with their page of excellent how-tos for finding the right kind of support for you.

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